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Demythologizing the Presidency

Arthur Blessitt is walking for president. He is the evangelist who carried a cross from California to Washington a few years ago, and then fasted for forty days under a tree near the White House. Not only has he walked across this continent, but also across Africa and Europe -- some 12,000 miles in all. Blessitt believes we need a “committed, born again, spirit-filled, witnessing, open disciple of Jesus Christ in the White House -- a president who ... will seek to lead his life and the nation on the principles of the Bible.”

Since he is on the ballot in New Hampshire and Florida, the sponsors of Religion and the’ Presidency (RAP 76) felt compelled to invite Blessitt, along with all the other announced presidential candidates, to Washington in January to be questioned individually by representatives from America’s religious communities.

At the conference’s opening Martin Marty commented that in his view, the New Testament gives no social or political ethic for the whole society; it only provides glimpses--like the Good Samaritan--for pointing us there. That Niebuhrian perspective seemed to be the consensus shared by both liberals and evangelicals present there.

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