What is the People's Christian Coalition

We are people who began meeting together, attracted by our mutual rejection of the permeating American ethos and our mutual belief that the alternative lay somewhere in radical obedience to Jesus Christ. We were a small group of university strike leaders, seminarians, whites, blacks, college students, professors, and artists who organized teach-ins, a free university, worship celebrations, and community involvement to develop and execute our ideas. We grew.

We are a chief-less movement from two tribes: Some of us as student radicals discovered that our historical and social analysis was able to destroy institutional Christianity because of its American, nationalistic captivity but by that same historical analysis found Jesus of Nazareth to be an ally, a liberator, a Lord; others of us began with faith in Jesus Christ and found the New Testament demanding radical discipleship. Our small group has found itself to be a part of an awakening, a volatile atmosphere, a movement of committed people who have found personal liberation and an ethical basis for prophetic activism in Jesus Christ. The good news we proclaim is the entrance of Jesus Christ into history, the inbreaking of a new order, the proclamation of a message of reconciliation and new life to alienated men and women. As radical Christians we seek to recover the earliest doctrines of Christianity, its historical basis, its radical ethical spirit, and its revolutionary consciousness.

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