VIDEO: Parker Millsap Performance | Sojourners

VIDEO: Parker Millsap Performance

A video performance by musical artist Parker Millsap

Parker Millsap is a talented newcomer to the Americana music scene with a Pentecostal background, a grizzly, soulful voice, and the ability to develop complex characters in four-minute songs. He’s just 21-years-old, “and yet he’s pulling this song from some secret, battered place inside him that’s far older than his years, and matching it with a sensual intensity that sizzles in the audience.”

His songs about a trucker evangelist (“Truck Stop Gospel”), a gay preacher’s kid (“Heaven Sent”), and meth cookers (“Quite Contrary”), brought New York’s Town Hall audience members to their feet. Read more in Jason Howard’s “You Gotta Move” (Sojourners, December 2014).

Watch this KEXP video to see Millsap perform four songs and talk about Pentecostalism, folk music, Pawn Stars, and his 21st birthday.

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