On Fox News, There’s No Global Warming | Sojourners

On Fox News, There’s No Global Warming

Funny business by Ed Spivey Jr.
Illustration by Ken Davis

AS WE MOVE into the hottest part of the summer and the likelihood that only two-thirds of the planet’s species will survive until the next election (oddly, presidential candidates as a species seem to be increasing), two things occur to me:

• I forgot to work on my beach body over the winter. And now it’s too late. (Next year, baby!)

• This might be a good time to check in on that climate change panel the Trump administration formed a few months ago.

The panel still has no official name, although any reference to it is usually preceded by “ad hoc,” which is Latin for “spitting distance.” It’s not clear if that distance is from reality, but we have a guess.

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