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Counter Recruiters

On Capitol Hill in May,

On Capitol Hill in May, faith-based organizations announced the "I Will Not Kill" campaign to educate youth targeted by military recruiters. The campaign’s goal is to make youth more aware of their rights regarding military service, educate them about the impact of war, promote a culture of life in targeted communities, and promote conscientious objection to military service as a positive alternative to violence.

"A new generation of youth from all sorts of backgrounds - including persons from disadvantaged communities - want to serve their country and global family without killing others," said David Whettstone, a legislative analyst for the Mennonite Central Committee. Under the No Child Left Behind Act, schools that receive federal funds must make 11th- and 12th-grade students’ contact information available to recruiters unless students fill out a form to opt out of the practice. U.S. high school students report getting multiple calls a day from recruiters. According to the Associated Press, Army officials have investigated 480 allegations of impropriety by recruiters since Oct. 1, 2004.

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Sojourners Magazine August 2005
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