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Another Vietnam

This past May I spent two weeks in Vietnam.

This past May I spent two weeks in Vietnam. Each year I lead a group of university students on a trip to monitor the effects of globalization. Last year our destination was India, the year prior to that Peru.

My aim is to see firsthand if expanding global markets are creating increased opportunities for the world’s poor. My students and I study how economic markets are structured in a given country, and whether mechanisms in place will lead to economic growth for the many or affluence for the few.

We also focus on how political systems respond to changes in capital investment and new production. Finally, we take a close look at cultural and religious values and whether they are stable or lose their hold on individuals and families in a fast-changing society.

In that frame, Vietnam is the perfect laboratory. The country is one of the world’s few remaining communist political systems. For the past 30 years, both North and South have been united under one government. About five years ago, the Vietnamese government made a public commitment to capital free markets. Once disdained, foreign investment suddenly became a welcome friend; that is, as long as the investment was made in venture with a Vietnamese-based company.

The irony of Vietnam’s passage should not be lost on us. Chalk up another point for the futility of war. America sent its young men (and some women) to a far land, allegedly to arrest the spread of communism. The cost was high in human life, regardless of the color of the uniform. Lost in a quagmire, the United States began pulling its troops in the early 1970s and by mid-decade had conceded the South of Vietnam to the communists.

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Sojourners Magazine August 2005
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