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Turning Off the Gas of the ‘Blue-Flame Gospel’

The fossil fuel industry doesn't want you to know about alternatives to gas stoves.
A close-up of the ignited blue flame of a gas cooktop.

TUESDAY, MARCH 21, is the day for our big national action against the giant banks that are backing the fossil fuel industry.

Why March 21? Because it’s — if you think about it — 32123, simply too good a palindrome to pass up. It’s a countdown to the end of something (our economy’s blithe support for energy sources that scientists tell us we must now forego) and a count up to the real start of a possible transition.

We’ll be out in force across the country, picketing Citibank, Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo branches: Those four giants lead the world in lending to Big Oil. Their offices look like benign tenants of strip malls across America, but in truth each should have a giant smokestack coming out the top, to remind us just how much carbon they produce. (If you have $125,000 in one of these institutions, which lends it out to build pipelines and frack wells, then that money is producing more carbon in a year than all the heating, flying, driving, cooling, and cooking of an average American.)

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