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New and Noteworthy

Island Living

The 45-minute DVD Bloqueo: Looking at the U.S. Embargo Against Cuba provides a good overview of the 40-year blockade. Why does it still exist? What have been the effects? Two filmmakers travel to Cuba with the humanitarian group Pastors for Peace to interview activists, farmers, and clergy on the embargo’s impact.

Notes on Ministry

In Travelers on the Journey, Mark Constantine introduces us to six socially engaged pastors working around the United States. He asks them about their pastoral work, which includes community and church projects, but also about their commitments: How do you deal with stress and disillusionment? Have you ever felt abandoned by God? Chapters conclude with a sermon excerpt from each pastor. A wise traveling companion. Eerdmans

Praying From the Heart

“For the desire of your heart is itself your prayer. And if the desire is constant, so is your prayer,” wrote Augustine of Hippo. The rich anthology Christian Teachings on the Practice of Prayer, edited by Lorraine Kisly, contains Augustine’s reflections on prayer, alongside those of the renowned—Karl Rahner, Teresa of Ávila—and the anonymous. New Seeds Books

A Peace Map

Christians and a Land Called Holy: How We Can Foster Justice, Peace, and Hope is a clear-eyed, practical look at the Middle East conflict and how Christians can become part of a solution. With photos and maps, journalist Charles Lutz and pastor Robert Smith sort through conflicting ideologies and scriptural interpretations—among Jews and Muslims, but also among Christians—and include specific and extensive steps for action. Fortress Press

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