Since the 1970s, Sojourners has been committed to resisting sexism in all its forms, while affirming the integrity and equality of women and men in the church and in the larger world. Through biblical education, creative advocacy, and bridge building, we champion policies at home and abroad that fortify women’s health and dignity through eliminating gender discrimination and abuse, increasing economic empowerment, and supporting women's leadership in the church and beyond.

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Help Stop Domestic Violence!

In December, the Violence Against Women Act is scheduled to expire, and we can’t let that happen. Since VAWA’s implementation in 1994, the number of domestic violence cases per year has decreased 53 percent, but we still have a long way to go. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (Texas) has introduced an expanded VAWA that would provide more stable housing for those getting out of abusive relationships, increase funding for education and violence prevention, expand protections for Native women, and enact policies to prevent guns from getting in the hands of violent offenders. Click here to encourage your representative to co-sponsor the bill.

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