Since the 1970s, Sojourners has been committed to resisting sexism in all its forms, while affirming the integrity and equality of women and men in the church and in the larger world. Through biblical education, creative advocacy, and bridge building, we champion policies at home and abroad that fortify women’s health and dignity through eliminating gender discrimination and abuse, increasing economic empowerment, and supporting women's leadership in the church and beyond.

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Faith leaders often report feeling ill-equipped to respond to sexual and domestic violence in their congregations and communities. Join the Back2School Challenge to urge theological schools to offer more training on these issues. Sign up now—and you’ll receive our toolkit to help you advocate for change!

  • Why Faith Leaders Must Address Sexual & Domestic Violence

    Clergy and other people of faith often serve as “first responders” to sexual and domestic violence. But we at Sojourners have heard story after story of faith leaders who blame and shame sexual assault survivors, of domestic violence survivors who are battered at home and bullied in church, of clergy who value purity and the sanctity of marriage over protecting the image of God in each individual person. It’s time for theological schools to take the lead on educating faith leaders about sexual and domestic violence.

  • In NYC, an interfaith group of women continue the call to #bringbackourgirls.

  • You never forget the first time you voted.

  • Mormons across the globe praised the historic move, calling it a moment to savor.

  • We and our enemies believe in the same god. And that god’s name is Violence. 

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