Our world struggles to resolve conflicts, reduce violence, and defeat terrorism without preemptive war. War has too often become the first choice instead of the last resort. In a time of terrorists, terrorist states, unilateralist superpowers, and weapons of mass destruction, we desperately need alternatives to an endless cycle of violence. Sojourners articulates the prophetic call to peace and helps Christians engage their political leaders to seek alternatives to war.

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Tell Congress: Please Consider Supporting the Iran Deal!
The new nuclear agreement is a chance to put serious diplomacy to work to prevent another war in the Middle East.  As Christians, let’s show Congress our preference for diplomacy – not war – with Iran.

  • I see no way to reconcile owning handguns, assault rifles, and the like with the reality of Christ, which is fundamentally about dealing life. 

  • What do I say to those who hold to a theology that includes violence? Start everything with Jesus.

  • In the face of wars, refugee crises, weapon proliferation, and unaddressed climate change impacts, let us echo the common sense of children. Let goodness shine.

  • The author's daughter
    My Daughter, the Star Wars Myth, and Jesus

    But if violence doesn’t work to defeat evil, what does? In holding the Darth Sidious Pez dispenser, my daughter gives us a clue. The more we fight evil on its own violent terms, the more we become the very evil we attempt to defeat. But there are alternatives to defeating evil. What if we had posture toward evil that didn’t combat it with our own violence, or run away from it in fear, but gently held it in our hands?

  • Tuvia Ruebner is one of Israel's poets of witness.

    Tuvia Ruebner is one of Israel's poets of witness. 

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