Our world struggles to resolve conflicts, reduce violence, and defeat terrorism without preemptive war. War has too often become the first choice instead of the last resort. In a time of terrorists, terrorist states, unilateralist superpowers, and weapons of mass destruction, we desperately need alternatives to an endless cycle of violence. Sojourners articulates the prophetic call to peace and helps Christians engage their political leaders to seek alternatives to war.

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    The commitment to creating a nonviolent learning environment has enabled at least thirty students to become literate.

    Despite uncertainties over the future, the APV community pursues small but significant efforts at the Borderfree Center. They give a fine example of how a community can cooperate toward reaching shared goals, rather than compete. Roses keep blooming in Kabul amid the chaos and dust, and a tiny light of joyful collaboration remains graciously alive.

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    If war is inevitable, as some believe, then human development will forever be abnormal. We will never truly flourish and discover our way into new cultural forms that do not rely on constant infusions of violence to sustain them.

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    Iraq was a clear case of ideology trumping intelligence. The intelligence wasn’t just wrong — it was manipulated. The American public wasn’t just misguided — they were lied to and misled into war.

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    Nebraska is showing the most visible signs of a change in thinking by Christians and conservatives on the death penalty, and Catholics are helping to lead the way.

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    If lawmakers override the expected veto, Nebraska would become the first conservative state to repeal the death penalty since North Dakota in 1973, the Lincoln Journal Star reports.

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