Through our Creation Care programs, Sojourners is living out the biblical call of stewardship by working with a diverse group of partners to educate Christians about the need to reverse climate change, advance policies that prioritize clean air and water, and promote individual and legislative actions that support efficient, sustainable, and renewable energy sources.

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    From a zero-waste synagogue to global development work after natural disasters, environmental projects by faith leaders are being hailed by the Obama administration as examples of exemplary leadership on climate change.

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    If Pope Francis has two pet issues, they are human trafficking and climate change. 

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    Pope Francis, the world's spiritual physician, has diagnosed us with a degenerative disease.

    Pope Francis, the world's spiritual physician, has diagnosed us with a degenerative disease. 

  • Pope Francis in Quito, Ecuador

    During a meeting with the World Meeting of Popular Movements, an international gathering of grassroots activists in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Pope Francis acknowledged he didn’t have a “recipe” for a perfect economic-social-political system, but nonetheless recognized the current way of doing business fails to adequately defend the Earth, our common home.

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    Before snowballs on the senate floor, Republicans were champions of the environment. Those days are now long gone.

    “The task of cleaning up our environment calls for a total mobilization by all of us. It involves governments at every level; it requires the help of every citizen.”

    Sounds like a liberal Democrat, right? Someone who has been using Pope Francis’s recent climate encyclical Laudato Si’ (“Blessed Be”) as a political bludgeon, wielded against “climate change deniers?” Nancy Pelosi, perhaps? Not quite.

    With these words, President Richard Nixon concluded his plea to congress in 1970 to take action on behalf of the environment, stressing that this was “an urgent common goal of all Americans.” Nixon then gathered bipartisan support as he spearheaded the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, and inked 14 laws related to environmental protection.

    To be sure, Nixon didn’t know what to make of environmentalists, once complaining that they wanted everyone to live like “a bunch of damned animals.” Still, when a 2012 poll asked 12 leading environmental groups to rank the three most environmentally-friendly presidents, Nixon came in second — behind Teddy Roosevelt, a fellow Republican.

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Of the 13 major Christian investment companies we studied, not a single one offers a way for their members to opt out of fossil fuels. Let’s call on these investment companies to create a way for their millions of members to stop funding climate change.

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