Hope in Action: Sign up for a 7-day email series on mutual aid

The past couple year have been a time of isolation, change, and lament. For many of us, it may have even changed how we think about justice and loving our neighbors. Join us for 7 days and reflect on how the past year has changed us and how we think about community, mutual aid, faith, and how we can build a better world together.

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Illustrated quilt-like collage of people of many races helping each other

From the book of Acts to Mennonite solidarity, mutual aid has long been a way to create networks of communal care.

Illustration of groceries, including produce, bread, and dairy products

Faith groups offer access to food and a model of sustainable solutions to food insecurity.

Across the Deep South, Hope Credit Union provides more than investments for communities of need.
Illustration of Dean Spade with quote "Elite solutions to poverty are always about managing poor people and never about redistributing wealth."

Mutual aid helps us to live out the central commandment: "Love one another as I have loved you."