A woman and two children stand in a crowd, wearing white t-shirts that say "You Raise I Rise"

Every Child Deserves a Flourishing Future!

“Let the children come to me; do not stop them, for it is to such as these that the Kingdom of God belongs.”— Mark 10:14

Jesus made space for children to lead in their expression and growth. As Christians we can follow his footsteps.

Flourishing Futures is an invitation to collectively care for children in the earliest stages of their lives by mobilizing people of faith into action. We are commanded to care for those in the most vulnerable circumstances. Children who are learning to communicate their needs and experiencing rapid growth in their early life are particularly vulnerable. Like Jesus we can prioritize their development and build the flourishing future we dream of!

We seek to realize Jesus’ holy vision for every child. Join us as we pursue Christ’s love and advocacy for children in our families, churches, and communities.

Sign this Action Alert to Uplift Mamas and Babies

Uplift Mamas and Babies 

Right now, Members of Congress in the House and Senate are creating budgets that reflect their priorities for the future of our nation. Each document will serve as a moral statement that envisions who is most valuable in our society and how we respond to the needs of the most vulnerable and historically under-served. We invite you to join us in reminding your Senator that they have a sacred responsibility and duty to protect the best interests and futures of mothers and children being impacted by our maternal and newborn mortality crisis! 

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