Zaina Qureshi is a 17-year-old activist living in Boston. While Islam provides the foundation for Zaina's faith, she is also interested in incorporating other religions and spiritual practices into her faith and advocacy work. Zaina is a student ambassador at Springtide Research Institute.

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Gen Z Is Remixing Religion

by Zaina Qureshi 03-08-2022

Kids in Asheville, N.C., participate in demonstration in Park Square on September 20, 2019. Photo Credit: Judith Bicking/Alamy via Reuters.

Pew Research conducted a study in 2020 examining teens’ relationship to religion compared to their parents: data from that report showed that while 43 percent of parents claimed religion was “very important to them,” only 24 percent of teens answered similarly. In 2021, Springtide Research Institute, where I am a student ambassador, found that 52 percent of young people believe that religious communities are “rigid” and too “restrictive.”