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Kollao-ing with Immigrants Along Life's Journey

by Zach Szmara 04-23-2021

“Literally, the Holy Spirit looks at Philip sharing space, being on the same road, and the Holy Spirit says, ‘That is not enough. You need to go stick like glue. You need to go join yourself to. You need to go share life. Get more proximate to this Ethiopian eunuch.’ ... This has radically changed my view of this story because I realize that it’s not enough, from God’s perspective, just to be just kind of close– to be in the same space, to go to the same schools, or be in the same neighborhoods. No, the Holy Spirit says you need to kalao, you need to share life. Can I just share? We are not good. Even as the church, we are not good at kalao. We need to be reminded by God to kallao more. Studies have shared that only 1 out of 10 immigrants has ever been invited into the home of a native-born U.S. citizen.” 

Sermon preached at City Life Church. 

Going to Samaria

by Zach Szmara 04-23-2021

“We are citizens of the kingdom before we are citizens of the United States. And so, the question that I am always asked by Americans is, ‘Well, Zach, tell me, is it legal or not?’ The kingdom question: is it just or not? We have a long history as Wesleyans and Methodists of great leaders who didn’t ask, ‘is it legal or not’ when it came to slavery or women’s rights, or workers' rights. We said, ‘Is it just or not?’ And we will always choose to push for justice.”  

Sermon preached at the Kingdom Conference at Asbury Theological Seminary.