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Walter Brueggemann, a Sojourners contributing editor, is professor emeritus at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia.

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Progressive Calvinism

by Walter Brueggemann 08-01-2012

Re: “The Face of Hate” (interview by Joanie Eppinga, June 2012): Thanks for your great work! But your caricature of Calvinism is uninformed and unnecessary. Not only in the interview with Barrett-Fox but also in your editors’ note, you lump together “conservative” and “Calvinism.” You can do better than that! Progressive Calvinism is alive and well, at the forefront of the justice work. You abhor stereotypes, but you perpetuate this one.

Walter Brueggemann
Cincinnati, Ohio

How to Read the Bible

by Walter Brueggemann 11-01-2011

Ten books on the shelf of one of our most respected biblical scholars.

How Do We Practice an Easter Life?

by Walter Brueggemann 06-15-2011

These Easter readings line out the new life lived by the community of Jesus. They show, on the one hand, that Easter life is dangerous and demanding.

Good Friday: Praying in the Abyss

by Walter Brueggemann 04-22-2011

In Christian confession, Good Friday is the day of loss and defeat; Sunday is the day of recovery and victory. Friday and Sunday summarize the drama of the gospel that continues to be re-performed, always again, in the life of faith. In the long gospel reading of the lectionary for this week (Matthew 27:11-54), we hear the Friday element of that drama: the moment when Jesus cries out to God in abandonment (Matthew 27: 46). This reading does not carry us, for this day, toward the Sunday victory, except for the anticipatory assertion of the Roman soldier who recognized that Jesus is the power of God for new life in the world (verse 54). Given that anticipation, the reading invites the church to walk into the deep loss in hope of walking into the new life that will come at the end of the drama.

Going Public with God's Good News

by Walter Brueggemann 04-01-2011

Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle A.

Trusting God's Inexplicable Goodness

by Walter Brueggemann 03-01-2011

Reflect;ion on the Revisd Common Lectionary, Cycle A: Transfiguration, False Desire to LIfe, Can We Start Again, and High-Water Mark.

What Does Our 'New Self' Look Like?

by Walter Brueggemann 02-01-2011

We enter into a season focused on Christ’s human possibility as a defiant alternative to the human self proposed by the dominant values of our culture.

Walking With the Light of the World

by Walter Brueggemann 01-01-2011

Epiphany is the exhibit of Jesus in the world. The early church was utterly enthralled by Jesus, but did not find it so easy to characterize him.

Have You Heard the Good News?

by Walter Brueggemann 12-01-2010

Advent and Christmas are seasons for mismatches.

God's Reign Cracks into Our World

by Walter Brueggemann 11-01-2010

During November we reach the conclusion of the church year. We remember our dead and ponder the God of life. We begin Advent and the season of alert waiting for the newness that God will give.