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Tylor Standley is the author of The Separation of Church and Estate: Capitalism and the Christian Conscience and co-host of Podcastica Patristica , a podcast on early Christian history and theology. Follow him on Twitter.

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What St. John Chrysostom Can Teach Us About Social Justice

by Tylor Standley 09-06-2018

John Chrysostom, Constantinople, early or middle 11th century. 

The city of Antioch — in modern-day Turkey — was beautiful and bustling in the fourth century. Various emperors and wealthy patrons donated money to build a colonnaded street through the middle of town. Well-to-do citizens decorated their marble halls with colorful frescoes and statues. They demonstrated their wealth by plating their walls and rooftops with gold. Even the city’s cathedral was called the “Golden House.” It would eventually seat a Patriarch, John, nicknamed “Chrysostom” or “Golden Mouth.”