Tony Campolo is founder of the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education (EAPE) and professor emeritus of sociology at Eastern University.

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A Cure for Burnouts

by Tony Campolo 01-11-2008

Far too often, activists do little to nurture their souls. Consequently, they "burn out." Ignoring the need for spiritual revitalization to sustain their zeal on behalf of the poor and oppressed, they wear out and fade into oblivion. Often those who were one-time dynamic spokespersons for social justice while living out countercultural values become exhausted from working hard with very little sense of accomplishment. Becoming cynical, they sometimes say disparaging things about those who [...]

Stan Guthrie's Red Letter Blues

by Tony Campolo 10-09-2007

In response to Stan Guthrie's article in the October 2007 Christianity Today, "When Red Is Blue: Why I Am Not A Red Letter Christian," Tony Campolo wrote the following open letter as a response.

Dear Stan,

I have to say, "You got us right!" You said:

Though I [...]

Reconnecting Spiritual Practice, Evangelism, and Justice

by Tony Campolo 07-01-2007

Many Christians are questioning whether evangelicals care enough about trying to change the political and economic institutions of our society so that they will provide equal justice for all of its

Holding It Together

by Tony Campolo, by Peggy Campolo 05-01-1999

Peggy and Tony Campolo dialogue about the church and homosexuality.

A Life of Integrity

by Tony Campolo 07-01-1998
Billy Graham's walk with the Lord

Just As I Am is the biography of a humble man. While outlining the development of his ministry, Billy Graham’s biography is anything but an exercise in self-glorification. He describes his evangelistic crusades from their early beginnings in tent meetings in Los Angeles to "the more recent massive gatherings in sports stadiums." He tells about his encounters with powerful heads of state. He recounts his special friends who made up the support group that kept him faithful to his mission and nurtured an integrity that even those who reject his message respect. Graham takes us with him as he meets with presidents over nine administrations, amusing us as he describes his brash holier-than-thou attitude in his first meeting with Harry Truman, and inspiring us as he describes his compassionate pastoral attitude toward Bill Clinton.

Through it all he critiques himself in ways that will help those who would make him a role model to escape his pitfalls. There is a kind of self-deprecation in this autobiography that only serves to enhance his stature.

Particularly interesting are the roles that he played in facing the pressing social concerns that have troubled the nation over the last half-century. Critics might attack him for not expressing opposition to the Vietnam War or being more specific in supporting civil rights legislation, but his autobiography reveals that he accomplished more to further social justice causes than these critics might imagine.

Concern for the Church

by Tony Campolo 03-01-1996

The Bible gives very clear instructions that Christians should be subject to government authorities (Romans 13:1-4).

Civility in Conflict

by Tony Campolo 05-01-1995

Can Christians learn how to disagree without being disagreeable? As we enter the political arena, can we learn to differ without trashing those who disagree with us?

Faith in Search of a Home

by Tony Campolo 03-01-1995
The lost meaning of "evangelical."