Rev. Tonetta Landis-Aina is a pastor at The Table Church in Washington D.C., where she has made her home for the last 19 years. When she is not enjoying her wife, son, and daughter, she loves helping to create liberating community in the way of Jesus and helping marginalized folx find their stories in scripture.

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Black, Butch, Queer — and Baptized Into God's Scandalous Love

by Tonetta Landis-Aina 06-14-2023

Images by C-Kav and Vitaliy via Adobe. Design by Candace Sanders.

Last weekend, for the very first time in my life, I dyed my hair. I walked into a woman-owned barbershop and gave them permission to change my short hair from its usual very dark brown to an extravagant, and for me, shocking, blonde. Someone else’s hands ran over my tender scalp, creating something new.