Taylor Schumann is a freelance writer with work featured in Christianity Today, Fathom Mag, and Narratively. Her first book, When Thoughts and Prayers Aren't Enough: A Shooting Survivor's Journey into the Realities of Gun Violence will be released in June 2021 from InterVaristy Press. She lives in Charleston, S.C., with her husband and son. Find her on Twitter @taylorsschumann.

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The Gun Debates Prepared Me for America's COVID-19 Response

by Taylor Schumann 07-29-2020

People dining amid the global outbreak of the coronavirus disease, in Austin, Texas,  June 28, 2020. REUTERS/Sergio Flores/File Photo

As a shooting survivor who works to educate people about gun violence and advocate for gun reform in the United States, I have spent years trying to convince people that it is worth making personal sacrifices for the sake of the collective good. That’s how I knew that if surviving this pandemic was riding on the event that people would willingly choose to give up a small amount of personal freedom to protect someone else, we were already in a losing battle.