Tamara Cedré is a Diasporican artist and educator whose family hails from Arecibo and San Sebastián, PR. Her recent work explores the colonial status of her family’s homeland of Puerto Rico, continuing those interests of testing photography as a personal, political tool of documentation. Tamara believes that reconciliation and compassion is the responsibility of the church, and gets excited about art projects that render that commitment visible. www.tamaracedre.com

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Don't Pity Puerto Rico. Instead, Listen

by Tamara Cedré 09-12-2018

This September marks the anniversary of Hurricane Maria, one of the most intense natural disasters to hit the Caribbean in over a decade. Recent studies estimate that of the 3,057 people killed by last year’s storms, 2,975 of those lives lost were Puerto Rican. These numbers continue to grow as the failing infrastructure on the island claims more casualties. The media has tried to unravel the causes of these deaths and scrutinize the failed deliveries of humanitarian aid that never reached residents. Corruption has been revealed at every level. Still, few have questioned the policies that enable it.