Taj M. Smith is a writer, speaker, and spiritual leadership coach based in Massachusetts. You’re most likely to catch him at a coffee shop or in a park with a sci-fi or fantasy novel when he’s not in front of his computer. 

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God Created Me To Be a Transgender Man

by Taj M. Smith 06-22-2023

Hands graphic via Alamy. Design by Mitchell Atencio/Sojourners.

Speech opens a door to previously unknown experiences. In a way, speech — or language — makes and unmakes the world as we know it. When I speak about myself, I tell you the truth of who I am.

So, in an era where people of faith, specifically Christians, are popularizing anti-trans language, it feels like my responsibility to say something — anything — to lift up those of us who identify as transgender and Christian. The truth I want to communicate here is this: God made me to be trans.