Steve Hoppe is the Pastor of Counseling at Park Community Church of Chicago and the author of Sipping Saltwater: How to Find Lasting Satisfaction in a World of Thirst (The Good Book Company). He lives in Chicago with his wife, Abby.

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I'm a Marriage Counselor. Here's What I Want Christians to Know About Domestic Spiritual Abuse

by Steve Hoppe 04-26-2018

The #MeToo hashtag has revealed horrific stories of sexual abuse around the world. The #ChurchToo hashtag has done the same, in the context of the church. As a marriage counselor and pastor, I’ve seen cases of sexual abuse that would make your skin crawl. They’re evil, inhumane, and an abomination to God. But I’ve also encountered another kind of abuse that is equally appalling to God. It isn’t necessarily sexual in nature. It probably won’t gain a famous hashtag. It has become disturbingly prevalent in our culture — and yet it remains largely hidden. It’s called domestic spiritual abuse.