Stacy Guinto-Salinas is a Ph.D. student in a systematic theology at Princeton Theological Seminary, focused on undocumented immigration, displacement, liberation theologies, and the theopoetics of Latina sacred practices.

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Tough Love and Liberation

by Stacy Guinto-Salinas 07-03-2019
A review of ‘Burying White Supremacy: Resurrecting a Badass Christianity,’ by Miguel A. De La Torre.


WHITE EURO-AMERICAN Christianity is dying, according to Miguel A. De La Torre, and from his point of view, its death is necessary. It has distorted the gospel with Euro-American nationalist ideals that benefit white communities at the expense of communities of color—heretical beliefs grounded in fear and exclusion, rather than love. In Burying White Privilege: Resurrecting a Badass Christianity, De La Torre deconstructs Donald Trump’s abundant evangelical support. In doing so, he offers guidance on how Christians can move forward.

Whiteness lies, he explains. It lies about the superiority of particular beliefs and nations. And this superiority complex has led to a lot of violence being done under the name of Christianity, including displacement, slavery, and genocide.