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From the Archives: September 1984

by Stacey Merkt 07-25-2018
An Upside-Down World

OUR GOVERNMENT HAS taken the stance that Salvadoran “illegals” are economic, not political, refugees, and therefore have no right to be here. Despite stories and statistics to the contrary, our government doesn’t believe they have a “well-founded fear of persecution” that would entitle them to political asylum here. Meanwhile refugees keep coming with the same story of their government’s organized killing and repression. Where are our ears to hear and to respond? I am appalled at the inhumanity I see. I am standing in the belly of the beast, a monster we’ve created. ...

The core that sustains me is the still, small voice. It is God whom I wish to hear.

From the Archives: September 1984

by Stacey Merkt 08-04-2014

Where is the Refuge?

The Cost of Resurrection

by Stacey Merkt 04-01-1987

Women: Witnesses to the Resurrection

An Upside-Down World

by Stacey Merkt 09-01-1984

An interview with Stacey Merkt, a lay worker at a halfway house for refugees in San Benito, Texas.