Rev. Sharon White-Harrigan is a minister of the gospel. After serving more than a decade in prison for defending herself against an attempted rape, she is now an activist and advocate for prison reform, providing services to help incarcerated women transition back into their communities. As the executive director of BEYONDrosies2020 Rev. Sharon was central to uplifting the voices of women in the #CloseRikers campaign.

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I Survived Rikers and I'm Praying for Mass Incarceration's End

by Sharon White-Harrigan 11-05-2019

Image via  REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

If we want to enact justice in any situation, we must listen to the voices of those directly impacted by the injustice. Those of us who served time on Rikers Island know firsthand why it has to close.  Any movement for justice that is not led by directly impacted people is charity, at best, but it is not biblical justice. Biblical justice empowers, while charity can disempower if it is not coupled with justice.