Coming from the flat states of Indiana and Wisconsin — full of dairy products, Midwest pride, and politesse — I am very excited to live in the historic and thriving city of Washington, D.C. After graduating from Marquette University with a degree in Economics, I am thrilled to be starting my first adult job in the offices of Sojourners. As the Advertising Assistant, I cannot wait to help make this organization some well-deserved cash! The added bonus of getting to support other ethical and good-hearted entities, as well as redeeming the word “advertising” to us liberal-minded Jesus-lovers, is truly the icing on the cake. I hope during my time at Sojourners to soak up a small amount of the experiences and ideas from my fellow interns and staff, learning what it is actually like to walk the walk when we talk the talk. I hope to go on in the future to study more economics and provide solid policy research to support good policy implementation.

When I’m not drumming up some lovely ads for Sojomail, one can catch me trying to find a non-Starbucks to go to, falling off my bike in the street, or doing some yoga on the intern house deck. I care deeply about issues of the body, the poor, sisterhood, friendship, and philosophy. I’m always striving to read more, eat better, talk less, and walk on the sunny side of the street.

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The Prophetic Voice of Roxane Gay

by Sammi Sluder 07-17-2017

Image via Eva Blue/ Flickr

Gay is a true prophetic voice. She laments her life, her trauma, and her weight. She doesn’t promise victory but speaks to the pain that so many people feel: victims and survivors of sexual violence, bisexual people, fat people, and lonely people.

Pro-Life, Pro-Choice Labels Are No Longer Useful

by Sammi Sluder 02-02-2017
Lessons from the Women's March and March for Life

I went to the March for Life, mostly out of curiosity and a conviction to break out of my liberal bubble and some of my preconceived notions about pro-lifers. Instead, I was faced with a very bleak question: To be pro-life, do you have to support Donald Trump?

'Milwaukee 53206' Shows the Full Cost of Mass Incarceration

by Sammi Sluder 11-23-2016

This is a community serving time. When we only talk about the issues facing black men in society, we miss the people who are left behind — namely, black women: wives, and mothers, and their children who grow up without a father.

What InterVarsity Taught Me About Straight Christian Privilege

by Sammi Sluder 10-21-2016

Image via Navy Blue Stripes/Flickr

This declaration on human sexuality, I imagine, serves InterVarsity as an institution by moving it out of a legal and social gray area and clearly stating to staff the expectation of their leadership. But it doesn’t serve LGBTQ students, staff, or relatives of staff who are trying to figure out their own views on human sexuality. Therefore, it doesn’t reflect the gospel — and therefore, I wouldn’t want to be a part of it.

Singleness Can Be Freeing. It's Time the Church Recognizes That.

by Sammi Sluder 09-22-2016

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It is time for the American church to engage in this liberation for singles. As we have seen with racism and imperialism, cultural ideologies can transform into oppressive theologies, which then need to be answered with a call for liberation. This must include repentance and reconciliation, relinquishing of power, and making room for a new system to be put into place — a system that is made by, cares for, and affirms single people.