Professor Russell Jeung is the chair of Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University. His spiritual memoir, At Home in Exile: Finding Jesus Among My Ancestors and Refugees Neighbors (Zondervan 2016), shares his experiences living among the foreigner and the poor.

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What the Bible Teaches Us on Climate Migration

by Russell Jeung 10-09-2019

The Bay Area will be without electricity for at least a day and a half in order to prevent power lines from sparking wildfires. 

Trump’s Anti-Family Approach to Immigration

by Russell Jeung 03-05-2018

Among President Trump’s many concerning stances on U.S. immigration policy is his proposal to end the long-standing family reunification immigration policy, the process by which nearly six out of 10 Asian immigrants enter the United States.

What the Homelessness Crisis in Asian-American Communities Reveals About Ourselves

by Russell Jeung 06-05-2017

For many Asian immigrants and refugees, coming to the United States wasn’t fully voluntary, but a result of war and poverty. Just as the Hebrews needed to learn to live as exiles, Asian Americans needed to find a way to make a new home in a new land. While their hardships reflect the difficulty of exile, Jimmy’s and Mary’s familial love and corporate responsibility also model for me how we Christians are to follow Jesus in the midst of this empire.

In Many Asian-American Communities, Trump Ban Follows History of Persecution

by Russell Jeung 02-03-2017

Photo courtesy Rev. Tim Tseng

This anti-Asian xenophobia is both individual and institutional in that it shapes our governmental policies. Although Japanese Americans as whole were unjustly incarcerated in World War II, an act deemed unconstitutional, Trump and his advisors employ historic internment as a rationale for detaining current minority groups.