Rosel Labone spent more than a decade of her globe-trotting life on the opera stage. Thanks to a well-timed tidal shift to journalism, she's swapped flash frocks for pen and paper. She now earns her daily bread as a television reporter, anchor, writer, and religious cult hunter, and is picking up work as a voiceover artist. She can still be found singing occasionally; she's met Placido Domingo and had a music lesson at Pavarotti's piano. In 2018 she moved to the U.S. all the way from New Zealand. You'll most likely find her backstage at the Met in New York — except for Sundays, when she's at church.

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Young and Bold — New York Marches Against Trump's Immigration Policies

by Rosel Labone 07-01-2018

Drummers from the group 'Rise and Resist.' Photo by Rosel Labone

More than 10,000 protesters gathered at Foley Square in downtown Manhattan Saturday morning to march against the Trump administration’s policy on immigration. The New York march was part of a nationwide series of rallies organized by advocacy groups, legal and immigrants’ rights organizations, trade unions, and concerned citizens.