The Reverend Robert Wright Lee, IV is a pastor, professor, activist, and author. He currently writes for a number of religious and secular outlets including the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, Ministry Matters, Day 1 Ministries, and a weekly column appearing in his hometown newspaper, the Statesville Record and Landmark. Currently, Rob serves on faculty at Appalachian State University. Rob’s first book, Stained-Glass Millennials was published in January of 2017 by Smyth and Helwys Publishing. With degrees from Appalachian State University and Duke University, Rob recently appeared on MTV at the Video Music Awards to speak out against white supremacy and racism. Rob lives in Boone with his wife Stephanie and toy poodle Frank.

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Robert W. Lee: We Have More to Gain By Speaking Out

by Robert Wright Lee 09-12-2017

It’s my prayer that the loudest voice in the room will become the voice of sanity. That the voice is a collective voice that can only come from a gathering of people humbled before God’s love and not from a Facebook post gone viral. This is the greatest hope we have, that we are not alone and we can face each other with dignity and respect. This way of thinking shifts the focus of our faith from internal to external, from institutional to missional. To borrow from Dr. King, none of us know what will happen to us, but we’ve been to the mountaintop and seen what’s around the bend. It is costly grace that will lead us home, into the very heart of God in which we all dwell together. Cheap grace will divide us as the lure of acceptance without repentance turns us inward to only forgive and to sanction what is most familiar while rejecting those whom are cast outside our circle of care.