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Our National Loss of Civility

by Rich Nathan 09-24-2009
"You lie!" yelled Representative Joe Wilson during President Obama's recent address before a joint session of Congress.

We Will Be Measured by Our Treatment of the Least and the Last

by Rich Nathan 11-05-2008
President Obama, on behalf of the Vineyard Church of Columbus, I offer our sincerest congratulations and encouragement as you assume the awesome task of providing leadership for our country and our

Seeing Immigration Through Biblical Spectacles

by Rich Nathan 10-20-2008
About 20 years ago, Stanley Hauerwas and William Willimon wrote a book provocatively titled Resident Aliens.

What is a Justice Revival? (part 5 of 5 by Rich Nathan)

by Rich Nathan 04-16-2008

Jim Wallis, in his book The Great Awakening said,

Imagine something called Justice Revivals in the powerful tradition of revivals past, but focusing on the great moral issues of our time. Imagine linking the tradition of Billy Graham with the tradition of Martin Luther King Jr. Imagine a new generation of young people catching fire and offering their gifts, talents, and lives in a new spiritual movement for social justice. Imagine such revivals taking place in [...]

How Should Christians Relate to the State of Israel?

by Rich Nathan 01-14-2008

In November our friend Pastor Rich Nathan sent us this compelling sermon and we've been looking for a good time to post it ever since. The occasion of Bush's trip to the Middle East seems to be a good time for Christians to reflect on their relationship with the modern nation of Israel. You can click to read [...]