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Broken Bodies, Breaking Bondage

by Rev. Kari Nicewander 08-29-2018

So, let’s speak out, just like Jesus did. Let’s get angry, just like Jesus did. And let us, as the church, as agents of Jesus Christ, claim our responsibility for driving out the evil spirit that tries to break our bodies and bend our wills. Right now, in our political reality, we need to pay attention. We need to speak up. We need to resist.

By the Sword

by Rev. Kari Nicewander 08-23-2018

So, I am a lectionary preacher. That means that I choose from assigned texts on any given week, in order to work through the Bible in the three-year lectionary cycle ... It forces me to preach on some scriptures that I would rather ignore ... But as I was reading this text, I became furious, not only with the Bible story, but also with the lectionary itself. Because the lectionary skips some stories, from time to time, and the story that directly precedes this text, is skipped by the lectionary. And that story includes the reason that David’s army is fighting his son, Absalom.