Rev. Hannah Adair Bonner is an ordained in the United Methodist Church, and Curator of The Shout, an arts and justice movement in Houston, Texas. Along with other community members, she has been maintaining daily vigil at the Waller County Jail since Sandra Bland's death there on July 13.

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The Prophetic Preaching of Sandra Bland

Image via SandySpeaks/YouTube

There is a long pause near the end of Sandra Bland’s first # SandySpeaks video, made in January of 2015. It lasts almost five seconds, and in that pause my calling resides. There is no other moment I identify with more solidly.

Near the end to her video, Sandy says, “It’s time for me to do God’s work…”

Then the pause comes, with a sigh in the middle.

Then, “I know everybody don’t believe in God, which is fine. But I want you to know that on Sandy Speaks, I’m gong to talk about God, because for me has truly opened my eyes and shown me that there is something out there we can do.”