Rev Bob Owens is a retired PC-USA pastor and Pastor Emeritus of First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu. He has also served churches in England, KY, NC, TX and CA. Bob and his daughter Julie Owens survived a brutal assault by her estranged husband when she filed for divorce in 1988, then established a DV ministry and a church owned and operated DV shelter. The two have spoken nationally and written extensively regarding the church’s need to respond appropriately for domestic violence victims and abusers. Pastor Bob’s blog can be found at

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Shining a Light on the Ministry of Shepherding

by Rev. Bob Owens 08-29-2018

We must ask the question: Why has the church been among the last institutions to respond to the crisis of domestic violence?

When Violence Comes Home

by Rev. Bob Owens 07-17-2018

No man has the right to dominate His wife, to intimidate His wife, to abuse His wife! That is not love! It never has been, and it never will be love! Love is not selfish, it is giving! Love does not demand it’s own rights, or insist on it’s own way! Love is not arrogant or rude! Love is not irritable or abusive! Love is patient and kind. Love is how we treat each other—with tenderness, gentleness, kindness, understanding, and respect.