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Trump Inauguration Bible Heads to Museum

by Religion News Service 03-16-2018

The Bibles for the presidential inauguration are carried out the West Front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. on Jan 20, 2017. Image via RNS/Win McNamee/AP.

The Bible also has the Trump name etched on the front cover. Upon his graduation from Sunday school — in 1955 at age 9 — it was signed by his pastor and Sunday school teachers. At his inauguration, the president also took the oath of office on the Lincoln Bible, which was also used by President Obama at his 2009 inauguration.

Kenyan Churches Claim Herbs Threaten HIV/AIDS Patients

by Religion News Service 10-24-2012

NAIROBI, Kenya -- Church leaders are pressing the Kenyan government to scientifically test herbal medicines that are used by millions to manage and treat diseases, saying the nontraditional therapies could be putting patients' health at risk.

The leaders say HIV/AIDS patients and others suffering chronic conditions are widely using the medicines, whose efficacy is unknown.