Rebekah has a bachelor's degree in International Studies and lives in Virginia with her husband and their pets. She enjoys researching and being a lifelong learner, and is especially interested in topics such as culture, faith, and justice.

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Empathy Is Admitting You Don't Understand

by Rebekah Cempe 03-26-2019

Aleksandar Mijatovic / Shutterstock 

As humans, we have an innate desire to see and understand. We want to feign comprehension, in order to avoid the despair of our limited understanding. I’ve noticed this phenomenon recently in what started as a personal experience. I was born with a rare genetic condition that causes my skin to blister much more easily than the average person. It is my normal. There are not many people on the planet who can actually understand. However, this has not stopped countless people from trying to convince me they do.