Jennifer Guerra Aldana is the Manager of Multicultural Initiatives at the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI).

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Courage / Valor Coraje

“Ruth reminds us that the boldness of immigrants are faithful examples of courage ... What we are reminded of is that God’s redemption is all inclusive. And it restores everything God created.”    

“Pero Ruth nos recuerda en este pasaje que la valentía de los inmigrantes, son ejemplos de fe y coraje...Lo que nos recuerda es que la redención de Dios es inclusiva. Y restaura todo lo que Dios a creado.”

Preacher: Pastor Jennifer Guerra Aldana, Interpreter: Indra Rincón

Economía de Gracia / Economy of Grace

“Because in the economy of God’s grace, what appears to be leftovers, are the essence of God’s kingdom ... We will always have enough leftover, and we will always have enough to extend to others.”  

“Porque en la economía de la gracia de Dios, lo que parece ser sobras, es la esencia del Reino de Dios ... Siempre va a sobrar y va haber para otros.”

Preacher: Rev. Marcos Canales, Interpreter: Pastor Jennifer Guerra Aldana

‘We Treat San Diego as the Innkeeper’

Reenacting Mary and Joseph’s travels from one side of the border to the other.
Photo by Nancy Wiechec

Photo by Nancy Wiechec

Jennifer Guerra Aldana helps organize the annual Posada Sin Fronteras in San Diego/ Tijuana. She spoke with Sojourners’ Jenna Barnett about the tradition, which reenacts Mary and Joseph’s travels as described in Luke’s gospel.

“Las Posadas is a Catholic tradition in which community members set up a pilgrimage. People go door to door singing songs, wanting to be let in. And at every door, the innkeeper does not let them in. At the last home, the people do get let in, and there’s a party with tamales and candy. Posada Sin Fronteras [The Inn Without Borders] takes place at the San Diego-Tijuana border. We treat San Diego as the innkeeper and Tijuana as the one who is asking to be let in.