Nathan Luis Cartagena is an assistant professor of philosophy at Wheaton College, where he teaches courses on race, justice, and political philosophy, and is a fellow in The Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies. He serves as the faculty advisor for Unidad Cristiana, a student group working to enhance Christian unity and celebrate Latina/o cultures, and a scholar-in-residence for World Outspoken.

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I Found Christ's Liberating Spirit in Critical Race Theory

by Nathan Luis Cartagena 09-16-2021

"Colorful Hands 3 of 3" by Annabelle Wombacher, Jared Mar, Sierra Ratcliff and Benjamin Cahoon via Unsplash.

My first foray into critical race theory was short-lived. I began by picking up Tommy J. Curry’s essay “Will the Real CRT Please Stand Up?” Three pages in I realized I did not know enough about race scholarship or CRT to appreciate his arguments.