Rev. Nathan Hosler is a social/theological ethicist and director of the Office of Peacebuilding and Policy (the Church of the Brethren’s Washington Office). He holds a Ph.D. in theological ethics, is a pastor at the Washington City Church of the Brethren on Capitol Hill, and serves as a board member of Churches for Middle East Peace.

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AI and Drones Have Made Killing Easier, Not Less Sinful

by Nathan Hosler 07-08-2024

Video footage from a drone, released on May 8, 2024, by the Israel Defense Forces, showing the place where IDF artillery and fighter jets struck over 20 Hezbollah terror targets in the area of Ramyeh in southern Lebanon. The IDF claim they struck, “military structures, and terrorist infrastructure”. They added: “During the strikes, secondary explosions were identified, indicating the presence of weapon storage facilities in the area.” Via Reuters.

A group of us stood on a hill overlooking northern Gaza this spring, not far from the border fence. We were close enough to see the buildings of Beit Hanoun and Jabalia. After a few minutes of description by our guide, we surveyed the scene with binoculars. On closer inspection, what had appeared to be buildings turned out to be rows of rubble. While for months we have viewed such images on screens, actually seeing the destruction, through plumes of smoke and dust, was surreal.