Nate Haken is a Wheaton College grad and works in conflict early warning and conflict management in West Africa. He recently co-authored a book with Patricia Taft, Violence in Nigeria: Patterns and Trends.

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What 'Worshiping the Same God' Means in Global Context

by Nate Haken 12-22-2015

A women's fellowship in Rikkos, Jos, Nigeria. Image via Mike Blyth/Flickr

Maybe, as my alma mater Wheaton College would contend, it really is about doctrinal precision. Maybe for the sake of intellectual and spiritual integrity, there is a need to parry the ontological and epistemological arguments and counter-arguments, to determine the appropriate professional future of Dr. Larycia Hawkins, who dared to say on her Facebook page on Dec. 10 that Christians and Muslims “worship the same God.” But these issues look and feel differently in a place like Jos, Nigeria — where I was born to American missionary parents, six thousand miles from Wheaton’s campus chapel.