Nancy Hightower

Nancy Hightower has a PhD in literature/creative nonfiction from the University of Denver and is the author of Elementari Rising (2013, Pink Narcissus Press), and The Acolyte (2015, Port Yonder Press). She has published work in journals such as Sundog Lit, Entropy, Joyland, Gargoyle, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, and Word Riot; as well as articles on religion in in HuffPost. From 2014-2016, she was the science fiction and fantasy reviewer for The Washington Post. She is working on a memoir about growing up in the evangelical South and teaches at Hunter College.

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Getting Over The Threat Of Hell

by Nancy Hightower 09-10-2018

The more I listened, the queasier I felt because I had forgotten just how powerful and foundational the rhetoric of hell is in creating a spiritual and political consensus among Christians. Whoever can help capture more territory from the devil and his army is the candidate to vote for. In the language of spiritual warfare, one candidate’s individual behavior pales in comparison to the millions of unborn souls that are saved.