Miriam Spies is a crip theologian whose research aims to challenge the church in how it views leadership and who it desires to fill those roles. Her life with a physical disability has led her to challenge models of inclusion and theological unity that do not leave room for people’s voices or needs. Miriam is a PhD student at Emmanuel College in Toronto, Canada and an ordained minister in The United Church of Canada. She is the Co-Editor in Chief of The Canadian Journal of Theology, Mental Health and Disability.


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Covid Exposed Christian Ableism. What Happens When Churches Reopen?

by Miriam Spies 10-05-2020

As churches create plans for re-opening their buildings and look toward a future where people have been vaccinated against COVID-19, there is an opportunity now to re-imagine church. Likely, it will never be the same. And maybe that’s for the better. Singing, hugging, and sharing food have become risky activities. I still grieve this, and yet the possibilities and imagination spurred by these limits excite me.