Minister Lyvonne "Proverbs" Picou is preacher, speaker, poet, educator, creative social entrepreneur, and an Emmy-award winning media producer. Through her organization, beautiful scars, Lyvonne promotes healthy and safe conversations around religion, sex, and Blackness, in order to, ultimately, address the silence in the Black Church around sexual abuse. 

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A Sunset at Sunrise

If your pastor didn’t at least acknowledge #MeToo, you need a new pastor.

And so my role is to have you think about the ways in which God is calling you into total liberation. Total freedom. We like to talk about freedom in Jesus. We like to talk about early Sunday morning. We’re so quick to rush to the sunrise that we never dealt with the sunset. We’re so quick to get to the resurrection of the Savior, we don’t even pay attention to the 33 years that He lived and walked and breathed.

The Gospel According to Daddy's Girl: Incest as a Silent Killer in the Black Church

Even now, we rest in a gleaming sanctuary outfitted with the latest liturgical colors. And yet, there are members of our community whose seemingly picture-perfect worlds, are actually shattered at the core. And it’s only truthelling, love, and acceptance covered in worship, praise, and prayer that will help us gather these shards of personality and pain to create a mosaic truly becoming of the Body of Christ.