Communications Assistant

Miguel Petrosky first joined Sojourners after discovering the Sojourners Fellowship Program while serving as a second-year Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) with the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) in Lusaka, Zambia — his first year as a YAV in New Orleans, La.

In New Orleans, Miguel worked with an adult-education program in the downtown library as both an assistant teacher and a community-education assistant who assisted clients with applying for SNAP benefits, unemployment insurance, and other government services. In Lusaka, Miguel worked as a 6th grade teacher at a community-school, which is a type of school aimed towards orphaned and vulnerable children.

Miguel grew up in Covington, Virginia — a paper-mill town in the heart of Appalachia. A graduate of the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, Miguel received his B.A. in Government with a Minor in Music and was active in both the faith and music communities around campus.

Miguel was raised in the Pentecostal tradition, but became a Presbyterian while in college, and in many ways, carries a Pentecostal vibrancy in how he lives his faith within the reformed tradition. Miguel likes to think that he can take out the “frozen” out of the “frozen-chosen.” An avid reader and writer, jazz-pianist and classically-trained singer, Miguel also describes himself as a “horribly-recovering coffee addict.”

Miguel enjoys trips to museums and art galleries, classical-music concerts and recitals, and tries to use as many puns within a conversation as socially acceptable. He is excited to be closely looking at the intersections of faith and politics while in intentional-community.