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Dr. Mick Pope is a meteorologist and a Professor of Environmental Mission at Missional University. He has recently written A Climate of Justice: Loving your Neighbour in a Warming World (Morning Star Publishing/Wipf and Stock, 2017). 

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As Christians Rally in Support of Refugees, a Need to Acknowledge the Cause

by Mick Pope 11-17-2017

Christians often want to be good Samaritans in dealing with the symptoms of sinful systems. So we lobby for asylum seekers to be allowed into the country and we advocate for tackling climate change. The two are not unrelated — climate change can be a driver of significant migration. Consider the Carteret Islanders, who are now abandoning their homes as the rising seas swallow their islands, and seeking a new life on Papua New Guinea. And some researchers have even suggested that climate change was a factor in the Syrian crisis, as a six-year drought drove up food prices and forced people into poverty.