Maurice Possley is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of four nonfiction books. Possley is currently the senior researcher for The National Registry of Exonerations, a database of more than 2,800 wrongful convictions maintained by the University of California Irvine Newkirk Center for Science & Society, University of Michigan Law School and Michigan State University College of Law.


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Wrongful Convictions Haunt the U.S.

by Maurice Possley 07-01-2021
I knew Carlos DeLuna was innocent. ‘The Phantom’ reminds us that capital punishment is unjust.

A scene from The Phantom (2021), directed by Patrick Forbes.

I urge everyone to see The Phantom. It breaks new ground — uncovers new evidence — that cements the conclusion I have maintained since 2006: Carlos DeLuna was an innocent man who was executed for a crime he did not commit.