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Resting Between the Headlines: The Most Important Resolution You Can Make this Year

by Matthew Sleeth 01-03-2013
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Hurricane Sandy. Sandy Hook.  The Fiscal Cliff.  Next month the headlines will change and the (un)natural disasters will have new names, but the tsunami of information coming at us will continue to swell. 

For the last decade, we’ve been told that we live in the age of information overload.  We can do anything, buy anything, and find out about anything twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  The problem is that our 24/7 world is not only making us anxious and unhappy — it is killing us.

A growing number of studies reported in the medical literature and popular press all point in the same direction.  This generation’s brave new experiment of working more and resting less is making us fat, anxious, and short-lived.

Make Earth Day a Church Day

by Matthew Sleeth 04-20-2011
It is fitting that this year Earth Day falls on Good Friday and that three days later the greatest dawn since the beginning of time