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'Chay La Lou': The Things Haitian Women Carry

by Martha St. Jean 05-28-2010
She is my mother. She is my aunt. She is my next door neighbor. I recognize her familiar gait; the quick-paced step. Most importantly, I recognize the invisible burden she carries.

Haiti: One Month Later, by the Numbers

by Martha St. Jean 02-15-2010
One month later rain pours into the streets of Port-au-Prince.

Haiti, Aftershocks and Tremors: One week and two days later

by Martha St. Jean 01-22-2010
While the rest of the world has been pondering the economic and social fate of the recently earthquake-devastated island nation of Haiti, Haitian-Americans alone have asked, "What will happen to ou

Haiti: TPS and the Coming Negativity

by Martha St. Jean 01-19-2010
My friends and I worried about the negativity that would emerge when the Department of Homeland Security granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to Haitian nationals, allowing them to remain in th

My Prayer for Haiti

by Martha St. Jean 01-18-2010
Father in Heaven,

Evaluating President Obama's Response to the Haiti Earthquake

by Martha St. Jean 01-15-2010
This morning President Barack Obama promised the people of Haiti that they would not be "forsaken" or "forgotten." Yesterday he told Americans, "We have to be here for them in their hour of need."<'w an Dey: My Lament for Haiti

by Martha St. Jean 01-14-2010'w an Dey...

"Haiti believe in God," reads a friend's Google mail status.