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The Prayer Breakfast

by Mark O. Hatfield 02-01-1976

Three thousand people gathered on Jan. 29, 1976, in the International Ballroom of the Washington Hilton Hotel for the National Prayer Breakfast.

Vietnam: A Sobering Postscript

by Mark O. Hatfield 05-01-1975

The ugly agony of Indochina is made all the more tortuous by the delusive refusal of this nation to accept the culpability for decades of a morally indefensible policy whose final failure is now being revealed.

An Economics to Sustain Humanity

by Mark O. Hatfield 03-01-1975

This is not a time when mere tinkering will do.

And Still They Hunger

by Mark O. Hatfield 01-01-1975
The response of the World Food Conference

Pastors and Prophets

by Mark O. Hatfield 10-01-1974

Dietrich Bonhoeffer pointed out that the first question Satan asked Eve during the temptation in the Garden of Eden was a theological question.

On Repentance and National Humiliation

by Mark O. Hatfield 04-01-1974

We have been living through days that try the soul of the nation and test the resiliency of the Republic.

Repentance, Politics, and Power

by Mark O. Hatfield 01-01-1974

I would like to discuss with you the renewal of our faith, perhaps what we might call the ancient faith. At the Advent season we celebrate again the coming of our Lord.

On National Security

by Mark O. Hatfield 11-01-1973

Floor statement of Senator Hatfield discussing vote against military procurement bill

Piety and Patriotism

by Mark O. Hatfield 05-01-1973

Discussions on the relationship between Christianity and politics often give rise to the idea that being a Christian is likely to make one a good citizen.