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In Praise of Calvin's Total Depravity

by Lucas Kwong 09-23-2021
We can’t defeat racism by “being good” or “feeling guilty.”

Photo of John Calvin via rook76 / Illustration by Mitchell Atencio.

As a post-evangelical, I have no interest in rehabilitating Calvin’s ideas about double predestination or his justification for the execution of Michael Servetus. Nonetheless, I’m unwilling to cast Calvin and his theological legacy in exclusively negative terms; I believe that confronting racial injustice today actually requires recuperating Calvin’s infamous doctrine of “total depravity,” or a spiritual condition staining humanity from birth. Doing so can help us better understand why both progressive and reactionary heirs to Calvinist thought fall short — and how we might work to transform our fallen world instead.

Christian Opponents of CRT Peddle a Hollow Salvation

by Lucas Kwong 06-24-2021

I’ve grown weary of even engaging such attacks on CRT, so lacking are they in intellectual and moral integrity. Never mind that CRT is primarily a legal theory of how U.S. law has and should address racial discrimination, not a program of salvation; never mind that Greenway’s reading of the BFM would prohibit Southern Baptists from voting, speaking at municipal town halls, or engaging in any civic duty that does not literally and explicitly involve evangelism; never mind that critical race theorists, such as Kimberlé Crenshaw and Robin D.G. Kelley, propose means for overcoming the very “division, guilt and blame” that is supposedly celebrated by CRT proponents. Efforts to convince those so clearly immune to facts are rarely successful.

It's Not Enough to Condemn Hate

by Lucas Kwong 03-26-2021

Jami Webb places flowers outside Young's Asian Massage following the deadly shootings in Acworth, Ga.,  March 19, 2021. Webb is the daughter of Xiaojie Tan, the owner of the spa who was killed in the shootings. REUTERS/Bita Honarvar

In the wake of the atrocities of March 16, Asians in the U.S. are beginning to mobilize en masse against the hatred directed at our community.